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Updated: May 8

Photo Credit: Thomas Liaunet (c) & Gunther Vicente (c)

Despite France's legendary affinity for wine, the country also leads the world in its passion for Scotch whisky. As reported by the Scotch Whisky Association, this nation of nearly 68 million, famed for its wines, pastries, and deep-rooted republicanism, was the top consumer of Scottish whisky globally as of the end of 2023.

This might lead one to wonder: why hasn't a country celebrated for its culinary and beverage excellence produced a noteworthy whisky brand of its own? Despite its proud gastronomic heritage, France has struggled to make a mark on the global whisky stage.

However, this scenario is poised for a change. Enter Maison Lineti—a venture born from the fervor of seasoned wine connoisseurs who are inspired by the tradition of vintage excellence. Maison Lineti has rapidly gained attention and was recently the sole French distillery featured on's list of top distilleries to watch in the upcoming years.

What sets Maison Lineti apart? What was our impression when the Maison Lineti team provided our team with an exclusive sample? Join us as we delve into this intriguing distillery.

A Revolutionary Approach

Inspired by the wine industry, Maison Lineti's concrete fermentation eggs are a world-first in whisky Photo Credit: Thomas Liaunet (c) & Gunther Vicente (c)

At Maison Lineti, Vintage isn’t just a measure of age; it’s the backbone of creativity. Unlike wine, where Vintage variations are at the mercy of nature, Maison Lineti sees each year as a fresh canvas—a deliberate challenge to harness human creativity and push the boundaries of what whisky can be. Taking their motto 'Pioneering Vintage Whisky' literally, each Vintage at Lineti is intentionally distinct, shaped not by the whims of weather but by the aspirations and innovative spirit of its creators.

Maison Lineti releases its whiskies in what it calls "Chapters." Each vintage is released in five stages: after 3, 5, 8, 10, and 12 years of barrel maturation. This structured approach allows enthusiasts to explore the evolving profile of the whisky over time, similar to observing the unfolding chapters of a life story. Each Chapter marks a significant milestone in the whisky's development, capturing the essence of its age and the subtle changes that occur as it matures.

Greatness from Harmonious Beginnings

Alex Cosculluela (top left), François Thienpont (top right), Edward Thienpont (Bottom left), Dr. Magali Picard (Middle Bottom), Xavier Payan (bottom right) | Photo Credit: Thomas Liaunet (c) & Gunther Vicente (c)

In the picturesque landscapes of France, where the tradition of gastronomy runs deep, Maison Lineti emerges as a beacon of innovation in the whisky industry. At the helm of this groundbreaking venture are Alex and Dr. Magali Picard, partners not only in life but also in their shared passion for crafting exceptional spirits. Their unique blend of creativity and scientific rigor has positioned Maison Lineti to redefine French whisky on a global stage.

Alex Cosculluela: The Visionary CEO

Alex Cosculluela, born and raised in the South-West of France, embodies the spirit of epicureanism. His upbringing in regions known for their rich culinary and beverage traditions—Hossegor and the Gers region—instilled in him a deep appreciation for "eating well" and "drinking well."

His journey into the world of whisky began during his student years when a tasting session unveiled the spirit's multifaceted character and creative potential. Recognizing that France had the necessary expertise and savoir-faire to craft world-class whisky, Alex was driven by a vision to innovate and elevate French whisky to new heights.

Dr. Magali Picard: The Whisky Master

Dr. Magali Picard's journey is one marked by a profound fascination with the science of aromas. A chemical engineer with a PhD in oenology, she has an innate ability to intertwine science with emotion—an approach that has greatly enriched her exploration into the world of spirits.

Magali’s career transition from wine to whisky was driven by her captivation with scents and the intricate dance of molecules that create them. Her approach to whisky making involves a meticulous analysis of how different factors influence aromas and how these are perceived.

2023 Vintage: Boldness

Photo Credit: Thomas Liaunet (c) & Gunther Vicente (c)

The Vintage 2023’s journey towards maturity is significantly shaped by its time in selected casks, each chosen to highlight and harmonise with the theme of boldness and renewal:

  • Ex-Bourbon First Fill Cask: The American influence in these casks imparts the whisky with hints of almonds, vanilla, and coconut, softening its structure with a touch of citrus. As it ages, the whisky gains a rich, spiced roundness that comforts and envelops the palate, reminiscent of a serene twilight.

  • Ex-Oloroso First Fill Cask: From the sunny climes of Andalusia, these casks contribute a robust, dry character to the whisky, enriching it with a complex bouquet of smoky aromas, dried fruits, tobacco, spices, and a hint of liquorice. This maturation process paints the vintage with strokes of mahogany, weaving in the wisdom and festive spirit of Christmas Eve.

Maison Lineti have made just 50 of these exclusive casks available for purchase and 50% have already sold out so don't miss out!

Here's what Whisky Cask Club Sales Director and resident Frenchman Nicolas Vogel had to say on this year's distillate: "Speyside style meets Japanese subtlety. Sophisticated production balancing tradition and innovation, with French quality and savoir-faire. Distillates (less than a year in casks) are already complex & tasty."

To learn more about how you can own a cask today, why not visit our website and get your free investment pack by clicking the link below:

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