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About Us

Whisky Cask Club
Whisky Cask Club
About the Whisky Cask Club

The Whisky Cask Club has a combined 50 years of experience in the Scottish whisky industry. We have partnered with some of the most exclusive suppliers of Scottish whisky to give our clients the most sought-after casks of whisky in the market. In order to be able to sell our clients casks of ultra high-end whisky the Cask Club has partnered with ACEO Spirits and Whisky who are our official UK Duty representative.


Whisky Cask Club Management Team

AlexanderKnight 1.png
CEO (Founder)
A UK citizen and Singapore PR, has lived in Singapore for 16 years. He is one of Singapore’s leading Whisky cask professionals and is the co-founder and CEO of the Whisky Cask Club – the brokerage that supplies the Whisky Cask Fund with the casks of Whisky. Alex has a vast pool of experience to draw from and has high-level expertise in the Whisky business.
christopher-brankin 1.png
Established executive director with more than 25 years in building operations and driving the customer experience. Strong track record in starting companies and building their brands. Built a significant investments media presence in Asia appearing on major international networks worldwide, such as CNBC, Bloomberg, BBC, CNA, The Edge, Reuters and Singapore Straits Times.
steave_bailey_new 1.png
Managing Director
(Whisky Cask Club Australia)
With 25+ years in Financial Services, Steve offers extensive knowledge and experience in wealth creation, investment advice, risk management, and asset protection. Having run his own successful Financial Planning business and started successful biotech and mortgage broking companies. His focus is on secure, sensible investment opportunities, and I am currently leading the Australian Whisky Cask Club. Stay up-to-date on market trends and economic issues, understand investor needs and manage risk with my expertise.
alex-longman-1 1.png
Regional Sales Director
With 28 years in the futures and options markets, he started in London’s trading pits, advancing through Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, building businesses and leading diverse teams. As CEO of Singapore Equities, he played key roles in regulation and management, served on various committees, and fostered strong relationships across Asian exchanges.
vivek-khurana 1.png
Sales Director
Vivek, with over 10 years in data and marketing, currently serves as Sales Director at Whisky Cask Club. Holding an MBA in Global Marketing and a Bachelor’s in IT, he excels in data-driven strategies, campaign optimization, and fostering team collaboration. Vivek is passionate about creating impactful data solutions in marketing.
nicolas-vogel-1 1.png
Sales Director
Nicolas Vogel boasts a rich pre-sales background, blending commercial acumen with strategic, financial, and bid management skills. Known for exceptional communication abilities with VP and C-level executives, he’s a team player and autonomous innovator, thriving in multi-cultural settings and deeply passionate about fostering employee engagement and innovation.
danny-pedroni 1.png
Marketing Director
Danny Pedroni is a passionate digital marketer and content innovator with a love for whisky, specializing in social media marketing and creating compelling content. He shines in online advertising, strategy, and has a flair for blending his professional expertise with his personal passions. Danny's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication are evident, making him a valuable asset in the digital landscape.
Hong Kong Sales Director
With years of experience, Sambalina specializes in developing customized sales strategies that leverage market trends and client relationships to drive growth and revenue. Additionally, as a connoisseur in whisky investment, she expertly navigates cask purchases, maturation, and sales, ensuring optimal returns for investors. Her dual expertise in sales consultancy and whisky investment makes her a trusted advisor in both fields, consistently delivering exceptional results.
Image by Thomas Thompson

A rapidly appreciating alternative investment
Invest in time. Invest in whisky

*Past performance is no guarantee of future performance

Demand for whisky is surging. Sign up now for your free copy of the Whisky Cask Club market report.

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