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Single Malt Scotch Whisky Cask Investment

A rapidly appreciating long-term alternative investment
Whisky Cask Club
Whisky Cask Club
Investing With Whisky Cask Club

Our specialist acquisitions team source the best casks for our clients’ portfolios, allowing private investors to buy quality casks at wholesale prices and supporting your eventual exit buy ensuring you get the best price and most profit possible.

We have long-established relationships with a host of Scottish whisky distilleries - from the highlands to the lowlands - who provide us with casks of all kinds of sought after whisky for investment.

Cask Age: 0-2 years

A chance to get in at the beginning of the ageing process – ideal for budget-conscious investors looking for a long-term investment. 

Cask Age: 10-20 years

An excellent option for investors who want a mid-range holding period with the potential to exit for significant gains within a few years. 

Cask Age: 20+ years

An outstanding choice for investors after a short-term investment with unparalleled upside potential 

Cask Age: Various

The stuff that legends are made of. These casks set records and are the ultimate luxury investment for high-end portfolios with limitless upside.

Top Reasons Why Investors Are Raising Their Glasses
Skyrocketing Returns
Transparent Pricing
Easy Investment
Tax Perks
Safety First
True Ownership
Resilient Asset
Easy Exit
Exclusive Whisky Cask Fund
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